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Hi, we're Allan & Aram, Founder & co-founders of Bamboo Bazzar. So glad to see you here!

We were both Born and Raised in Kurdistan.

We always wanted to do something special for our homeland.

But we had no idea where to start, until, We came across a bamboo Case and brushes.

Our first thought was... how sustainable would these products be, how long will they last, and wouldn’t they break easily?? As it turns out, bamboo is different. It's grass, But much more sustainable than wood.

Bamboo grows fast without any chemicals. Even stronger than steel. And a great alternative to single-use plastics.

From bottles to brushes to planters to straws.

We were amazed at how single-use plastics in our homes can be replaced so easily!

We’ve knowledge about Environment Pollution in Iraq and Kurdistan Region is Gradually Increase Day by day.
Due to the lack of Recycling Factories. Tons of Plastics waste that accumulates in thousands of tons is raising the percentage of pollution and leading to various types of cancer.

Wish Us Luck

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